Samsung Evo 850 500GB m.2 SSD

Samsung’s Evo SSDs (Amazon) have been available for many years now, and released in capacities up to 4TB!

It has always held the title of one of the best consumer SATA drives, so when Samsung announced their M.2 form factor line-up last year, I was excited to see what my review sample would bring to the table.

Samsung is known for their amazing V-NAND technology they use in almost all of their devices. The most important feature is that it overcomes most limitations of planar NAND (found in older SSDs).

This lead to smaller fabrication process which results into better power efficiency and less heat generation. Of course Samsung has also packed huge amounts of SDRAM cache memory inside these drives just like any other manufacturer.

Another important feature of these drives are Dynamic Thermal Guard protection which will throttle speeds if it reaches high temperature threshold, avoiding your drive from frying itself in case you’re pushing it too hard on demanding applications.

An everyday average user would have no idea what all these numbers mean, so here’s my little guide on how to read product names and what they mean.

samsung 850 evo 500gb

Samsung Evo 850 500GB m.2 Overview

The 840 Evo is the first of its kind to use TLC V-NAND – or triple level cell V-NAND. The main benefit of this tech is that it allows Samsung to create bigger SSDs that also consume less power. This new technology will allow them to release more affordable consumer SSDs with higher capacities, but at a slower speed than their Pro line for example.


  • Low power consumption
  • Higher capacities
  • Affordable price


  • Slower speed than other Samsung SSD

This is a 500 GB drive, it can hold roughly 333 movies in highest quality or 833 000 songs . It has a 2.5″ form factor which means it will fit into any laptop or desktop with a spare 2.5″ slot inside, as well as most popular NAS appliances for home use that support standard 2.5″ drives as well as some older gaming consoles like the original Xbox One which supports up to 256GB SSD!

The Evo 850 500GB is a great choice for someone looking for a large capacity drive that doesn’t consume too much power. It’s also one of the most affordable M.2 drives on the market. If you’re looking for a faster drive, you might want to consider the Evo 850 Pro.

samsung evo 850

It has read speeds of up to 540 MB/s coupled with write speeds of up to 520 MB/s , so if you have USB 3.0 ports on your PC would recommend getting an external enclosure like this one and use it as a portable drive to increase speeds.

The M.2 form factor is the newer, smaller, and more efficient successor to the 2.5″ standard. This version measures in at only 22x80x3.5mm and is designed for motherboards that have an M.2 slot. It interface uses PCI-Express 3.0 x4 lanes which gives you 4x the bandwidth of SATA III, perfect for high-performance storage devices!

Since this is a Samsung drive, you can be sure that it will work perfectly with all of their SSD management software which allows you to monitor your drive’s health, performance and even firmware updates!

All in all, the Samsung 850 Evo 500GB M.2 SATA SSD is a perfect choice for people who want high storage capacity in something that’s portable, fast, and efficient.

It lacks the endurance of pro-level drives which would be better suited for 24/7 applications but should easily last you at least 5 years coupled with regular firmware updates to keep it running steadily.

Considering how much this drive costs, I can definitely recommend buying one if you’re looking forward to upgrading your OLD spinning HDD to something that will give you huge performance gains!

What is a M.2 SSD?

The M.2 standard is the next generation form factor for internal storage devices. It’s much more compact than the 2.5″ and mSATA standards popular in today’s laptops, which means it can be integrated into pretty much any device that needs high-speed solid-state storage. Since its introduction, we’ve seen M.2 SSDs in devices such as notebooks, tablets, routers and even desktop computers!

What is NVMe?

Non-Volatile Memory Express (abbreviated as NVMe) is an industry-standard for accessing solid state drives and other high-performance storage devices over PCIe connections instead of SATA .  It was designed to address some of the shortfalls in the SATA III standard, which is why you’ll see many M.2 SSDs implement the NVMe interface.

What is the difference between SATA and PCIe?

SATA III was designed mainly for storage devices that need to connect to a computer via the motherboard’s SATA ports. PCIe lanes are much faster, and can offer speeds up to 10x that of SATA III when used with the correct hardware.  This is why you’ll see many high-performance storage devices like M.2 SSDs use the PCIe interface instead of SATA – it allows them to take full advantage of the available bandwidth!

Are all M.2 SSDs NVMe?

No, not all M.2 SSDs use the NVMe interface. Some use a proprietary controller and still implement SATA III which is why they’re able to use the same connector as a normal SATA SSD.