MacBook Pro Review: is it worth it?

I don’t want to review Macbook Pro, because I think that all of you know this fantastic laptop.

However I would like to mention some pros and cons for buying macbook pro in 2016!

The Design

First of all let`s start with the design, it remains the same as before model, but there are some interesting innovations. Now it is screen with retina display options. If you haven`t used Macbook Pro before then you should know that new laptops have full HD 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution on 13 inch diagonal which makes pictures brighter and more detailed. The second innovation – trackpad which is excellently equipped with multitouch gestures support too, so scrolling web pages or zooming images by fingers will be very comfortable. The third innovation is the new keyboard, which has very low noise when you are typing.

The processor of the new model is Intel core i5 or I7, depending on the version of the laptop that you choose. It`s up to you what will be your decision about power, 15-inch models have more powerful processors with quad-core mode and graphic card gt 750m while the 13-inch laptops have strong dual-core mode and graphic card gt 650m which is also powerful enough for playing video games. The last thing about design are ports – it is great news, because the old Macbook Pro had some problems with this matter, but now 2 thunderbolts 2 ports, HDMI output port for TV connection and SDXC slot are again here!

As you probably know this laptop was released in 2012 and it means that there is a newer generation Macbook which you will find below.

As I said before, the new Macbook Pro 2016 was released a few months ago, but there are still many people who are interested in buying an older models. In 2014 Apple refreshed the line of laptops with even faster processors, better graphics cards, and more RAM memory, so if you decide to buy a Macbook pro from the previous generation think about these changes!

What`s great about Macbook Pro? First of all its quality – the design remains same as before models and it is a very good-looking laptop. Besides the standard version comes with 13-inch screen size which is enough for intensive work playing HD video games without any problems.

The point is that new generation has some advantages over previous one, let`s mention here the main ones:

– Processors are faster – you will feel the difference especially when working with video or photos editing software;

– Memory space is bigger now, so you won`t have problems with multitasking;

– New keyboard layout which has an even better feeling than before model;

– Bigger touchpad and many other interesting innovations! I want to say that there is no matter if you buy Macbook Pro 2016 or the 2015 model, both of them are great laptops! All in all if I had to choose between MacBooks I would go for the 2015 model because it cost less than the newer generation. It is up to you to make the right decision, because both models are very good!

MacBook Pro is a great laptop, but it has few drawbacks. Let`s mention some cons of buying Macbook Pro:

– If you don`t have money to upgrade your laptop then do it – macbooks are expensive! You will see that new features are worth investing in;

– Bigger screen means more weight – if you prefer light laptops then take a look at 12 inch MacBook, this model has almost the same specifications as 12 inch model, but the cheaper price! I hope that my article was helpful for you and now you know how to choose between two generations of Macbook Pro laptops! I wish you nice day and good luck with the shopping process!

MacBook Pro is not only a great laptop, but it is probably one of the best-looking laptops on market. Today I will talk about the differences between Macbook Pro 2016 model and older generation laptops – I hope that my article will be helpful for you if you are thinking about buying MacBooks.

As usual, let`s take a look at specs first:

– Processor in new laptops is faster – quad-core mode is included now;

– Memory space has increased – now there are options to choose between 8 GB , 16 GB or 32 GB RAM memory;  – New keyboard layout which has low noise when typing;

– Trackpad is bigger than before model and looks like glass surface ;

– Bigger battery which lasts for 10 hours while watching HD movies;

The last thing I want to mention is the backlit keyboard. Many people think that this feature is useless and it`s not an attractive point, but you know what? It will be nice if your laptop has cool-looking elements.

As I said at the beginning, both models are great,but in my opinion, if you have the budget, then go for new Macbook Pro 2016 model because it costs little bit more than 2015 version, but newer generation has some advantages over the previous one! In case you don`t want to upgrade your laptop, then buy Macbook Pro from the previous generation – both of them are really good laptops! All in all if you decided to buy MacBook pro-2016 or a 2015 model, you won`t regret your choice – both models are really good and will serve you for long time!

Macbook is great laptop, but it comes with couple of drawbacks. Let`s mention few cons of macbooks:

– If you don`t have enough money to buy Macbook air then think about buying Macbook Pro 2016 or 2015 model because newer generation costs little bit more than previous one;

– Big sized screen means that heavier weight – if you prefer light laptops, then take a look at 12 inch version which costs less than bigger models;

– Little noisy when typing – I don`t know why it happens, but sound is just terrible! Probably the only thing that I don’t like about Macbook;

Now it`s time to mention some specs:

– Processor is new and it has bigger speed than before model – quad core mode is included now;

– 8 GB memory space is more enough for surfing internet, office work or watching HD movies;

– Bigger trackpad which easily detects touch gestures;

– Big battery which would probably last for 8 hours while watching HD movies.

Now you know difference between two generations of Macbook Pro , so choose wisely. Personally I think that new 2016 model is better, but if you want to save little bit of money – buy 2015 model because they are almost the same!