How to Move Tarkov To SSD?

Lots of guys running sick to be here for troubleshooting incident at a video for you on moving escape from talk called from one hard disk to another basically the game will take a while to load it mostly because of other players connections to the server.

However, having a good Feinstein discord S. is the with the game on it will help you log back into the server if your game crashes at Citrix citron.

You might even get a little bit of a performance boost so seeing that you’ve installed it on a hard disk or you want to move across to another disk or possibly even copied over to a friend’s computer.

What do you need to do?

Well, first of all you need a functioning copy of it that’s installed and ready to play in the settings button at the very top scroll down you’ll find the game directory is somewhere on your local computer.

If you want to copy this to a friend’s computer simply go ahead and copy this using control+C start are pasted in and hit enter to open up the folder.

Once you’re there you can simply go back a folder and copy this entire Tarkov folder to a friend’s computer or even move across from one hard disk to an SSD or something along those lines.

YouTube video

So instead of moving the entire 16 gigabytes and waiting for that to complete, I’ll simply close the launcher entirely I’ll go ahead and rename it Tarkov off to Tarkov called one just look at the tech that is not installed… and I’ll show you what to do so simply open up the talk of the launcher on your second PC or after moving it from one folder to another.

And you’ll see a big install button in the bottom right we’ll need to do from here is click where it says to set the path to an existing game installation without hitting install the folder where it’s installed it select folder if yes when prompted for admin and then it’ll go ahead and verify the game files one by one to make sure that everything’s copied across properly.

If something failed to copy across properly it then it’ll go ahead and re-download that part of the file that’s missing or that is broken.

So I’m gonna go ahead and wait for this to finish and once it’s completely done you’ll see the play button of ready to click on the have to do is press it’ll check the game once again for updates and it’ll go ahead and start it now currently the twitch drops are going as. 

Since the beginning of January end of December so the game will take a little bit longer to start just because there are way too many people on the servers but eventually when I do get around to it it will start properly has a little of a loaded message.

I’ll just wait for it to start and there we have it the game starts up as usual after a short amount of time as if nothing has happened now of course we moved it from my hard disk to an SSD.

It’ll be a ton foster but you’re still going to be limited by the actual power of the escape from talk of service which currently is far too overloaded so it’s a bit of a struggle to even reach the main menu currently in the user point 12.2 betas hopefully they get to fixing this.

The guide is just on moving at Tarkov from one disk to another or one computer to another hopefully you find this article to be very useful and hopefully the serves the working a bit better when you go ahead and try this yourself anyways might it’s been significant for troubleshooting.