How to Choose Best RAM for a Gaming PC?

How to Choose RAM for a Gaming PC? The question that often comes to mind is how much ram should you buy for your gaming PC. This article will explain the various options available and help choose the correct amount of Ram for your computer.

How much Ram do I need to run my games at 1080p resolution on high settings?

This question is very common among gamers, however, it is quite complicated since there are so many variables to take into account. For example, every game has different requirements, some might require more than others depending on what you’re doing in them.

So instead of giving an exact number we usually give a performance rating in frames per second (fps). FPS is represented by a number followed by ‘s’ so if its a 3s, it means the graphics card displays a scene at least three times in one second.

What to look before purchasing a ram for gaming pc?

In this article, I have covered everything you need to know about Ram for a Gaming pc.

DDR stands for double data rate and SDRAM stands for Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory. DDR is a type of RAM technology that was developed by JEDEC, an industry standards group. It was made to compete against other types of memory including SRAM and RDRAM.

1. DDR is the type of RAM used in most computers today, either for desktops or laptops. DDR2 was first designed to be used in both desktops and laptop computers after its predecessor, DDR, became commonplace.

Speed: Most Ram speeds are measured in MHz, with higher numbers being faster. However, the speed of Ram is not as important as other factors when it comes to determining how well it will perform.

Latency: The latency of a RAM module refers to the time delay between providing a control signal and valid data appearing on its output pins (ns such as DDR2-400, DDR3-1066). This time delay can also be expressed as a period of time (in nanoseconds) or as the number of clock cycles required for data to pass through the module.

Memory size: The largest memory size currently available is 8GB. Almost all Ram comes in a dual-channel setup that allows the computer to access both channels simultaneously. This is important if you are using more than 4GB of memory in your computer, though most users with over 4GB do not take full advantage of it.

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Game Name:

If you plan to play this game on High settings then take note of the minimum requirements that the developer has listed down for each Graphics Card and do not buy anything lower than that as it will cause lagging and quality issues due to insufficient memory. For example, if the requirement is as follows:

GB RAM & Intel Core i3- 2240 2.4GHz / NVIDIA GTX 750 512MB or AMD Radeon HD 7850 1GB

Then simply multiply those numbers by 4 which gives us a minimum of 8 GB RAM together with a quad-core CPU. You can still use a dual core CPU but make sure you have at least 8 GB RAM.

What is the best Ram for a Gaming PC? Can I mix different brands of Ram?

The best Ram for your system ultimately depends on your budget and performance requirements. There are many retailers that sell different brands under one roof however you should avoid mixing up different types or models of Ram as it can potentially stop your pc from booting.

When deciding on what brand to purchase look at customer reviews and check out youtube channels that compare ram to see if there are any quality differences between them before making a purchase decision. The only downside concerning using mixed ram models is that it will not help with overclocking so if you want to do so then it is advisable to buy same models Ram such as 2x4gb Crucial Ballistix Sport or 2x4gb Kingston HyperX Fury.

Can I replace the Ram?

My pc has 4 slots, can i upgrade it with 8gb of ram? No matter what type of computer you have be it a gaming PC, laptop or tower if its got memory slots then you can always use additional memory due to the fact that they are both compatible with each other. Simply remove the existing modules and insert them into their respective sockets in order to upgrade your system’s RAM. Keep in mind however that mixing up different models might result in errors so make sure you buy same models if upgrading yourself otherwise take it to a professional technician for assistance.

What happens when my games run out of memory?

If your game is not able to store all of its data in memory then it will write the remaining information onto the hard disk. The reason for this is that games require a lot of data especially when new patches are released with lots of updates. However, if you have 8 GBs or more RAM installed on your computer there’s always enough space for your game to run smoothly without causing any lag or frame rate issues.

Can I play my games on 4k (Ultra HD)?

Depending on how powerful your graphics card depends whether you can stream a game in 4K resolution and a good example to use would be Battlefield 1 which requires an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti in order to display Ultra HD Resolution i.e 3840 x 2160p/24Hz with minimum graphical settings.

Should I use single-channel, dual-channel or quad-channel memory?

Single-channel memory is quite outdated and should be avoided as it can affect your computer’s performance due to the fact that its only running on a single stick of RAM. It might still work for small games but if you plan on playing demanding titles such as Battlefield 1 then dual or even quad-channel memory should be used.

Dual-Channel uses two sticks of ram instead of one which has been proven to increase performance by 8-11% whilst Quad Channel utilizes four sticks together which provides an additional boost of 17% from Dual Channel without any noticeable decline in system architecture.

Even though Quad Channel is more expensive it is considered the best choice because it provides the highest performance gain compared to its price. However, do note that once again if you’re running an older motherboard that does not support Quad Channnel then it’s better to use Dual Channel for optimum performance.

What is CAS Latency (CL)?

CAS Latency or CL shows how fast your Ram responds under certain conditions and is measured in clock cycles (ns). The lower the latency, the faster you can expect your Ram to respond when opening files & apps (read/write speed). Lower latencies are preferred when building a Gaming PC however even with Dual or Quad Channel memory kit, there isn’t much of a disparity between them all especially when using same models together. So you don’t need to worry about this when choosing Ram for your gaming rig.

What is RAM timing?

RAM Timing is determined by the number of clock cycles it requires before data gets transferred which are quite small however in most cases you won’t notice any difference unless playing resource-hungry games or you’re running a server with lots of users online at once.

Higher numbers mean more clock cycles needed until they get done processing which makes them slower but lower numbers do not necessarily mean faster Ram, it has more to do with how they are made. With that being said there is no noticeable difference between low-end and high-end RAM timings so set them to Auto or even manually tune them if necessary when the memory kit is not running at default speeds.

What is RAM compatibility?

RAM Compatibility means that whether your Ram is able to run on your motherboard or not, some are compatible however some are not so check the specifications on your memory kit before you buy it. If you’re unsure of how to find out then just look for a sticker on your Ram’s packaging box. As long as they match up with what’s required there shouldn’t be any issues when installing them onto your rig.

Is DDR3 still used nowadays?

You can still use older generation DDR3 RAM even though there is DDR4 available now because they both work simultaneously and depending on the motherboard (DDR3 slots) you might see slower/faster speeds compared to newer technology. But there shouldn’t be any issues when installing it onto your motherboard if its compatible.

Can I mix two or more memory kits?

Yes you can, Dual Channel is just another way to run more than one stick of RAM at the same time and for an extra performance boost you should pair them with the same speed type (either 1600Mhz or 1866MHz). If you plan on getting 4GB or 8GB then it’s safe to buy two identical sticks but for 9/16 GB & above it’s better to get different types so if one fails, your computer will still boot up without any issues. 12) What are some good RAM brands out there? Corsair, GSKill, Apacer, Patriot & Kingston are just some of the popular ones out there, each has their own specifications which you should take into consideration when building a PC.

Where can I find cheap but good-quality RAM?

You can find them on Amazon or Ebay for example, however sometimes it’s better to buy them from your local computer store as they will definitely be cheaper than buying them off Amazon.