Are Asus Gaming Laptops Good?

Asus is a new brand of laptops that was brought to life in the early 2010s. As all other competitors in this market, Asus drew special attention with its performance, durability, and user-friendly design.

However, it seems that there are few things that you should remember before buying one of them. Firstly, Asus gaming laptops are more expensive than their rivals even though they feature averagely for this kind of devices processor power and memory capacity.

Secondly, these models are known for overheating issues which makes their use rather uncomfortable sometimes. Last but not least, most users claim pretty limited battery runtime which doesn’t go beyond 5 hours of work on a single charge. Overall speaking, if you take into account all pros and cons of Asus laptops, it is unlikely that they are worth spending your money.


Asus gaming laptops are known for being rather expensive and this is one of the main reasons why many gamers prefer other brands instead. On average, Asus models feature 1 TB of memory and a Core i5 processor which sounds like a good offer especially when we take into account their prices: $1000 or more.

Thus, if you need a functional and durable laptop with above-average performance, Asus might be a perfect choice for you as long as you can afford it.

Overheating Issues

Another reason why people decide to avoid buying Asus laptops is overheating issues that come with all models from this line. It seems that such problem appears after few days or weeks of using such device although all features of cooler remain unchanged.

As a result, the temperature becomes unbearable to the point that you can’t use Asus laptop as it should be used. The same thing happens with fan noise which is rather high due to increasing temperatures. In this case, updating your software might help but it’s unlikely that you’ll get rid of all those annoying malfunctions entirely.

Asus Laptops Battery Runtime

In reference to battery runtime, Asus laptops are almost on the bottom among brands and models available for sale nowadays: 5 hours maximum or less than 3 hours if we take into consideration hardcore gamers and their needs.

Thus, expecting more from such device would be unreasonable – after all, there’re many users who claim even lower rates of usage time per charge.

Therefore, we’d better forget about Asus laptops if we need a device for traveling or going to work – better buy a standard model and charge it at night once you get home.

In conclusion, if the high price of Asus models doesn’t bother you, overheating issues aren’t as crucial as they seem and low battery usage is just another disadvantage that can be easily fixed without any compromise regarding other features – then go ahead and buy one of those models!

However, keep in mind that there’re many reasons why people want to avoid this brand so being sure about your choice is necessary before taking action.

Other Related Questions about Asus Laptops

Will Asus support my laptop after purchase?

Yes, you can always contact them and they will help with replacing hard drives, keyboard issues etc. But if your motherboard goes down or something like that, then it’s probably better to look for another option. I’ve also seen people who had problems updating their laptops because Asus took too long to do it, but these were rare cases.

Does ASUS update drivers frequently?

(I’m running Windows 10) No! At least not in a timely fashion! My graphics card has been out of date for over a year now without the ability to install the latest driver from Nvidia.

There are ways around this but not very easy ones! So far I have been able to update the motherboard drivers but not yet for the graphics card which is a nVidia GeForce 940M. It has been out of date so long, I don’t even know what version it’s running and without knowing that you can’t find the latest driver.

Is my Asus laptop compatible with Windows 10?

This depends on how old your ASUS laptop is – if it was released after Windows 7 then it will probably be compatible, however most before that time will definitely not be! If you want to check this yourself (and you’re using Windows 8) go to PC settings and see what operating system your computer thinks it has – if it says “Windows 7” or something like that then yes, it will be.

Asus vs Lenovo for gaming?

I have personally used both, but I’m much more experienced with ASUS. Here are some personal opinions, though – As an all-rounder, ASUS is better since it has a good build quality and offers decent hardware at all price points. However, if you want to play games well then Lenovo is the best option – their Y series laptops offer much better processors than Asus’s G/H/Q ones so they can deal with intense games smoother and faster (the only real difference between those 3 is RAM capacity).

Do Asus power supplies fit in Dell laptops?

Yes! They are both 12V DC plugs so they will fit into either laptop or power supply with no problems at all. I’ve seen people make the mistake of buying a Dell adapter when what they needed was an Asus one, ending up having to pay twice as much for something that didn’t work properly. But since you’re asking this question probably means you want to use your dell adapter on your laptop so yes, they will work together just fine!

Does ASUS support fast charging?

I have been using the fast charging support from ASUS laptops since 2015 and it works just fine. In brief, this technology is enabled when your laptop is plugged into a power supply with a capacity equal to or higher than 65 watts (the manufacturer says 70 but don’t trust them) while also being plugged in for longer than 3 hours…If you stick to these rules then yes, fast charging will work properly!

Is my laptop compatible with Windows 10?

Most likely not if it has a 32-bit processor. Asus should still be releasing drivers for Windows 10 for newer models though, which run 64-bit processors. However, I’ve read numerous times that people whose ASUS laptops were released before Windows 7 have problems with drivers. However, I should say that this is not true for all models, since most of the time you need to update your BIOS (which means getting a new software) in order to make it work. This makes it really difficult if your laptop is too old!

is i7 processor good?

Yes they are great but don’t get one with less than 6 cores like 4 or 6 cores because then the i3 is better and it’s cheaper you can play games on either processor though my computer is similar at 5 years old but its playing complex games like rome 2 total war which only takes 1 gigabyte of ram.😊