60 Percent Keyboards For Programmers

Are you a web developer or coder? Love coding on the fastest mechanical keyboards….I know how frustrating it is to type code on traditional keyboards. I’ve listed some of the best 60 percent keyboards for both purpose gaming and coding. You can pick up one with one you familiar with. Let’s get started with the Razer Huntsman Mini 60% Gaming Keyboard.

Razer Huntsman Mini 60% Gaming Keyboard

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First reason why the Razer Huntsman Mini 60% should be your next keyboard.

Next up, there is no other RGB mechanical keyboard under $100 that has faster switches than the Chroma RGB backlighting on this board. This is because there are no other RGB mechanical keyboards under $100.

The fastest switch available in an RGB mechanical keyboard is Razer’s own Omron-made Green switches which are essentially the same switches as the Kailh Blue switches.

They actuate at 1.2mm and doesn’t have any hysteresis or tactile bump at all, just a linear actuation which allows you to double tap so easily with them (mechanical keyboard players will know what I’m talking about).

This brings us to the second reason. The Razer Huntsman Mini 60% is significantly cheaper than most 60% keyboards out there with similar features, usually selling for around $79 on Amazon.

Now that we have established that the Razer Huntsman Mini is not that expensive given its feature set, let’s take a look at some of those features. First up, this is a wired keyboard which means you won’t be spending money on batteries ever. Wired connection also ensures a stable connection every time and no worry about interference from your phone or WiFi router. You can trust a wired connection to always work.


  • Razer Green switches with 50 g actuation force
  • PBT Keycaps
  • Onboard memory to save multiple profiles on the keyboard itself

The next feature I want to talk about is the Onboard memory which allows you to save multiple profiles onto the board without any software whatsoever (in fact Razer has stopped including its Synapse software with Razer products altogether, to save on resources).

All you need is a free USB slot and you can just plug the keyboard in and the profiles will be saved onto it. You can even share those profiles with others as long as they also have this board (plugging keyboards into each other should work as long as both of them are plugged into a computer at the same time).

There is something that needs to go hand-in-hand with faster switches and faster response times, PBT Keycaps . This keyboard comes with top row keycaps made from a PBT plastic instead of ABS plastics which means that these keycaps last much longer against shine from use over time.

The difference between these two plastics is that PBT doesn’t shine as much overtime after extensive use, compared to ABS which starts to shine very easily. This is because PBT keycaps are made from a more durable plastic than ABS keycaps. The same material used in space shuttles and airplane parts (it’s also food safe if you were wondering).

For those who aren’t familiar with 60% keyboards , they basically omit the number pad on the right side of the main typing area making it smaller compared to full-sized mechanical keyboards.

This allows you to place it closer to your mouse for better ergonomics during gaming sessions. Another reason why 60% boards are much better than full-sized boards is because they take up much less space on your desk allowing you to clear more space for your mouse mat .

This keyboard also comes with the Razer Chroma lighting system which enables you to adjust the backlighting on each individual key. Instead of just being able to set single colors, this board allows you to set more than 16 million colors across the entire spectrum which is awesome. You can even go into a darker room with this board and just set a dim color across all your keys which is ideal for late night gaming sessions.

Rating: 9/10


This is a good 60% mechanical gaming keyboard in my opinion. The main selling point for this board is its speed and accuracy based on how fast the keys are which is thanks to the Razer Green switches. In fact, this is currently the fastest keyboard I have ever used and I would say that it’s on par with some of the best Cherry MX Red keyboards out there.

This goes very well with how cheap this board is since most keyboards with similar feature sets and switch types sell for at least twice as much as this board. As long as you’re okay with the smaller than full-sized board, I would highly recommend this keyboard.

The Razer Green switches are just that good for 60% boards in my opinion and much better than Cherry MX Blue switches which feel too clicky for me. If you want to buy one of these boards yourself, or want to learn more about it, just head on over to Amazon and check out the reviews and ratings on their page.



RK61 is a 60% mechanical gaming keyboard that combines performance and comfort.

You can use various switches, such as Cherry MX / Gateron / Kailh / Outemu / Razer, etc., on RK61. Even with hot-swappable switches, you don’t need to open your case.

You can simply plug and unplug them without soldering! Available in wired and wireless versions, it’s the most cost-effective way of using different mechanical keyboards for different tasks. RK61 will be available in three switch types: Brown, Blue, and Red.

RK61 can be used in two modes: 60% mode and 66% mode. In the former, only the alphanumeric keys are output. In this mode, you’ll get a compact keyboard that is perfect for typing or playing retro games. In the latter, six function keys on each side of the keyboard become available via Fn keypress for gaming setups. It’s possible to create macros using RK Utility software.

Included with RK61 are a detachable micro-USB cable, wire keycap puller and 10 orange keycaps (Q W E R A S Z D X F arrows). An extra wire keycap puller and the wire palm rest are included with RK61W.

RK61 is compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac. The keyboard itself has a DIP switch for controlling its compatibility modes: USB NKRO and 6KRO (the latter allows RK61 to be used on older computers).

There’s also an Fn key that lets you control backlight brightness and check battery status using LEDs. It can work in wired mode when powered via USB-C or micro-USB cable and in wireless mode powered by an AAA battery.


● Wired or wireless use.

● Available in three switch types: Brown, Blue and Red.

● Compact size makes it easy to carry around.

● Built-in USB Type-C hub with USB pass-thru on wired models.

● DIP switches for key rollover type (NKRO or 6KRO) and compatibility modes (USB NKRO or 6KRO, Mac mode).

● Fn key that lets you check battery status using LEDs, control backlight brightness and create macros effortlessly via RK Utility software.

Wired models come with a detachable micro-USB cable, wire keycap puller and 10 orange keycaps (Q W E R A S Z D X F arrows).

GTSP Gk61 60% Mechanical Keyboard for programmers

GTSP Gk61gaming Mechanical Keyboard

The GK61 mechanical keyboard is a 60% mechanical keyboard with custom firmware, features hot-swappable switches. Put simply it means that you could swap out the Gateron browns for the alps clear if needed without any issue at all.

You can also change any other component on this board and even program layers and build macros if you feel inclined to do so.

I bought my Gk61 from gtstoreusa because they were doing a flash sale after the price drop of the Gk61. It came preloaded with genuine Cherry MX Black switches, but I swapped them out immediately for some tactile yet non clicky switches (Gateron Brown).

If you don’t already know what a 60% mechanical keyboard is, it has the usual number pad section of a normal keyboard but without all other keys.

This means that you can’t operate something like excel or any word processor with this sized keyboard, instead its aimed at gamers and people who type alot. It looks far more custom than most other mechanical keyboards do plus it is fully patex compatible so no need to use stickers on your keycaps to tell which are which.

The board also features RGB lighting underneath each switch which you can change up using the GUI software . Personally I have found Gateron switches are just really good for gaming because they’re tactile but silent.

They don’t feel as nice as Cherry MX browns do though in my opinion, however there aren’t many 60% boards avaliable so this board is probably the best option out there for customizing.

Please note that some of these switches may not be compatible with Cherry MX stems, so if you want to change them then make sure to get alps or gateron switches with PBT keycaps.

This keyboard also has hot-swappable sockets which means you can take out your switches without any soldering required! The picture above shows the holes where you plug-in programs like xvkbd and qmk. You will need a USB c cable which isn’t included but most come with keyboards nowadays.


  • 60% Form Factor
  • Hot-swappable Gateron Clear Switches
  • RGB Underglow with 5 Lighting Modes
  • Custom Macros and Layers
  • Dip switch for key swap and lighting modes
  • Up to 8x Programmable layers
  • Programmable by QMK or GUI Software (Windows Only)
  • Cherry MX Keycap Compatible – OEM Profile PBT Keycaps Included!

60% Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Mini Portable with Rainbow RGB Backlit

60% mechenical gaming keyboard

Quick and dirty summary: This keyboard has a 61 key layout, with Fn and Pn modifiers to access the additional keys. There is no footprint for cursor or numrow keys, so they must be reconfigured by Fn modifier combinations.

This keyboard does not come with instructions for how to access the extra functions using the Fn modifier, so I will share here what I learned from others online:

Take note of where your ‘esc’, ‘tab’ etc., are positioned on the board relative to your right hand. You can press Fn + [1], [2], [3]… until you get back to the position of these common keys. The ones that are deemed less important by its designer are placed further away from that starting point.

When you press Fn + any number, it will activate that key’s secondary function.

For example: Fn + [1] = F1. Note that it is also possible to access even more keys by pressing multiple Fn modifiers in combination: Fn-Ctrl and Fn-Shift provides access to the arrow keys and Pn modifier gives you all the other keys on the right side. The following combination allows for inserting a ‘save’ command (F12) : Fn + Ctrl + Pn + F12 .

My point of view: It could be better designed with smoother access to all its functions, especially since one might consider buying this keyboard if they liked Cherry MX Blue switches – which many gamers favor because of their tactile feedback and long life.


Comes in 3 switch types: Blue, Red and Brown. I got the blue one.

Product build quality: The materials used to make this keyboard feel very sturdy. It’s a solid piece of equipment that cannot be easily bent or flexed even under strong pressure from behind with your hands. However, it doesn’t have a metal top-plate like other more expensive Corsair models do. This wouldn’t matter much to me except for the Fn modifier combinations which require you to press 2 keys at once using your right-hand index and middle fingers – something difficult to achieve when you consider the fact that those modifiers are placed on plastic instead of metal , making them less tactile .

The keycaps come with a nice quality feel, but similar to what you would find on a rubber dome keyboard. The font used is also quite basic, nothing flashy at all.

The overall design of this keyboard may not appeal to everyone; it isn’t the ergonomic style that you will find with other keyboards (that’s why I cannot say it’s truly ‘ergonomic’). If you want an ergonomic form

In addition, there is not a lot of documentation about how to activate its more elaborate functions. But even then, it has a good weight and seems sturdy enough that I am willing to forgive this inconvenience if it lasts for a few years.

It’s perfect for my needs: An inexpensive compact keyboard that I can conveniently carry with me when going somewhere while still providing me with an actual mechanical switch keyboard feel!