10 Best 60 Percent Keyboards For Gamers 😁

If you have a limited budget and want to buy a quality keyboard for gaming, this list of the best 60 percent keyboards with specifications can be a good start.

The difference between 60 percent and tenkeyless (TKL) keyboards is that there’s no number pad on the 60%. If you don’t use the number pad when you play games, 60 percent of keyboards will work great.

Some gamers think that the only difference between a 60 percent and a full-size keyboard is the damaged number key and Fn key in the lower right corner. However, this is not true.

Qwerkywriter S Mechanical Keyboard 2

Qwerkywriter S Mechanical Keyboard 2

Qwerkytoys has launched its first kickstart project for this mechanical keyboard that is designed like old typewriters.

The keycaps are made of marble and the font face is the same as old typeset machines like IBM Selectric terminal typewriter.

This model has Cherry MX Blue switches, which provide tactile feedback (clicky sound) with every input. It comes with 1 year warranty and will be shipped worldwide.

Poker 3 60%

Poker 3 60

Poker 3 60% makes it to our list because of its compact form factor design, making it lightweight and sleek to carry around easily in your rucksack or pocket wherever you go. It’s currently available with Gateron Clear, Red, Black and Brown switches.

Vortex Pok3r 60%

Vortex Pok3r 60%

The next product is made by market leader in keyboard manufacturing Vortex gaming keypad that has designed this model very successfully for gamers all over the world to come up with the best experience of using their skills without compromising on comfortability.

The keys are tactile and clicky but quiet. It’s available in Cherry MX Blue, Brown, Black or Red switches. Out of which you can choose one based on your personal preference or requirement.

Price: $140-150 (with Gateron red) , around 240$ (with cherry MX blue switch)  and 200$ (with cherry MX brown switch)

Vortex Core 40%

Vortex Core 40%

The next model is also launched by the same manufacturer Vortex, which takes us to another keyboard that has an open design so there’s no frame or plate around each keycap giving you complete access to switch tops. This model is made of high-quality ABS plastic and a brushed aluminum body for its top layer.

POK 3 87 TKL POK3R 87

POK 3 87 TKL POK3R 87

TKL features 87 Tenkeyless keys with all basic function keys on either side of the arrow cluster, making it more convenient for gamers who expect a minimalistic approach from their keyboards without compromising on ergonomics and comfortability while gaming or typing long texts in different applications.  

These type of keyboards are becoming very famous among gamers as they boast of various features like USB pass-through, steel plate and Cherry MX switches (to be precise).

Plum 84 Full Size

Plum 84 Full Size

We have another full sized keyboard on the list that’s designed keeping in mind the best experience for gamers and enthusiasts who prefer a full-sized board without compromising on comfortability and portability along with all essential gaming buttons.

This model comes with ABS construction and can be customized according to your own desire by choosing from different switch types – Cherry MX Blue, Brown or Red.

ErgoDox Ergonomic Keyboard Kit

ErgoDox Ergonomic Keyboard Kit

This is one of the most successful crowd-funded models particularly for those who feel pain or discomfort while using traditional keyboards and other models due to their flat design. This keyboard is split into two separate halves, one for each hand and comes with mechanical switches and adjustable tenting.

It’s customizable by designing your own key layouts with the help of services provided on the internet, also it can be programmed easily with any software you use regularly.

TECK 2 Professional Tenkeyless

TECK 2 Professional Tenkeyless

If you are not comfortable with rubber dome or membrane-based keyboards then this model is an ideal choice for you as it has mechanical switches which gives tactile feedback along with halo backlight.

This model is equipped with an RGB backlighting feature onboard so you can map every single key separately according to your needs for amazing experience during gaming sessions or typing long texts.

CODE 61-Key Customizable Mechanical Keyboard

CODE 61-Key Customizable Mechanical Keyboard

A compact and lightweight model with all the essential feature that a gaming keyboard must have is here which can be customized as per your needs by choosing different switch types.

Cherry MX Blue, Brown, Black, Red or silent Red for smooth typing experience. 😂

The upper surface comes with diamond cut texture that makes it look elegant while keeping it safe from fingerprints.

Tenkeyless This tenkeyless mechanical keyboard is highly durable due to its ABS construction along with laser-marked keycaps for long-lasting shine without any discoloration or fading. It’s designed very ergonomically to make gamers feel comfortable after using it for longer durations.

What is a 60 percent keyboard?

A 60% mechanical keyboard, sometimes known as a Ten Key Less(TKL) is a style of the keyboard where the numeric keypad has been removed to reduce the overall size of the board.  

This allows for more portability and easier transportation when backpacking or travelling.  

This also reduces the price of the keyboard as it requires fewer materials to produce.

How long do switches last?

Cherry switches are rated for around 50 million keystrokes, however this can vary depending on their construction.  Manufacturers often advertise short lifespans ranging from 5-20 million keystrokes to make sure you know they make quality switches!

What’s the best switch for typing?

Cherry MX Brown switches are the most popular switch type to be used on keyboards designed for typing.  

They require a slight amount of force to press, and you’ll often find that there is a tactile bump halfway through their travel.  This ensures that you know when they’ve been pressed, and feedback is directly related to how far down you’ve pressed.

What’s the best switch for gaming?

Cherry MX Blues are favoured by gamers because they’re loud!  They require an even higher amount of force to press, and there is a large tactile bump half way through their travel.  This provides instantaneous feedback, and it’s easy to bottom these out which quickly adds up to a lot of noise.

 This is a popular switch for people who enjoy typing as well as gaming.

What’s the best switch for programming?

Cherry MX Greens are almost identical to Blues, except they’re much harder to press.  Many users find that they’re far more comfortable to type with as a result of this, and they can be more beneficial if you use a different layout for your keyboard which changes the position of punctuation symbols.  This is because Greens require 55g of force to actuate, whereas Blues only require 50g.

Which switch would I recommend?

If you’re not sure which switch to buy, I’d recommend Greens.  They’re a nice compromise between typing and gaming, and most people who try them seem to really enjoy using them!

What is a TKL keyboard?

A tenkeyless keyboard cuts the number pad out of the design in order to save space on your desk.

 These are very popular with gamers, as there is less distance to move your mouse.  

Many people also prefer the smaller size of a TKL keyboard, as it can be easier to transport, or simply makes more room for your mouse and other accessories on your desk.

What is a gaming/programming keyboard?

A keyboard designed for gaming or programming will often provide extra features not found on a standard keyboard.  

For example, they might add additional keys to the directional pad allowing you to quickly change your volume without alt-tabbing, or perhaps they’ll add an LED display which can be used along with software to execute complex macros.

What is a mechanical keyboard?

A mechanical keyboard is a type of keyboard designed to provide the best typing experience, usually through the use of high quality switches which can withstand more key presses.  This ensures that you don’t have to press each key all the way down in order for it to register, and it also means they’re unlikely to break!

What is a non-mechanical keyboard?

A non-mechanical keyboard is any type of keyboard which has been designed to be cheaper or to provide other benefits such as durability.  This can be achieved by using rubber domes that require less force to press each key.  One example of a mechanical switch would be Cherry MX Blues, and an example of a non-mechanical switch would be rubber domes.

What is the best gaming keyboard?

The most popular option for gamers is the Razer Blackwidow Chroma as it has backlighting, great build quality, dedicated macro keys, media controls and more!  There are cheaper options available, but they tend to only come with basic features.